COVID-19 Assay

A new Covid19 Clinical Assay has been developed on rare skin diseases thanks to our European and French Networks!

“COVID-19 and rare skin diseases. European observational study (data research) during an epidemic”

This study concerns paediatric and adult patients with rare skin diseases and suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection who consult a medical team that is part of the European Reference Network ERN-Skin or the Rare Skin Diseases Health Network (FIMARAD). Professor Christine Bodemer (Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades, Paris, France) is the principal investigator.

The main objective of this European observational cohort study (research data) is to determine the impact of a COVID-19 virus infection in a cohort of patients with rare skin diseases and particularly if these rare diseases and their treatments are risk factors of infection severity.

The impact of COVID-19 infection on rare skin diseases will be analysed for: complications, potential comorbidity factors, impact on the management of chronic conditions (change in treatment) and the experience of patients.  The results of the analysis may be compared with those obtained for other groups of diseases. Gaining a better understanding of high-risk situations, as well as any aggravation or protective factors, should enable us to issue recommendations adapted to this kind of disease but that may also be useful for the general population. This type of study may also provide “reassurance” to patients with rare diseases who have many questions during this period of epidemic and heightened concern.

All collected data are de-identified using a coding system.

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