Publication – 2021 Jan 9.


Alrun HotzJulia KoppEmmanuelle Bourrat, Vinzenz Oji, Katalin KomlosiKathrin GiehlBakar BouadjarAnette BygumIliana Tantcheva-PoorMaritta Hellström Pigg, Cristina Has, Zhou YangAlan D Irvine, Regina C BetzGiovanna Zambruno, Gianluca Tadini, Kira SüßmuthRobert Gruber, Matthias SchmuthJuliette Mazereeuw-HautierNatalie Jonca, Sophie GuezMichela BrenaAngela Hernandez-MartinPeter van den Akker, Maria C Bolling, Katariina Hannula-Jouppi, Andreas D Zimmer, Svenja Alter, Anders Vahlquist, Judith Fischer


The autosomal recessive congenital ichthyoses (ARCI) are a nonsyndromic group of cornification disorders that includes lamellar ichthyosis, congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma, and harlequin ichthyosis. To date mutations in ten genes have been identified to cause ARCI: TGM1, ALOX12B, ALOXE3, NIPAL4, CYP4F22, ABCA12, PNPLA1, CERS3, SDR9C7, and SULT2B1. The main focus of this report is the mutational spectrum of the genes ALOX12B and ALOXE3, which encode the epidermal lipoxygenases arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase, i.e., 12R type (12R-LOX), and the epidermis-type lipoxygenase-3 (eLOX3), respectively. Deficiency of 12R-LOX and eLOX3 disrupts the epidermal barrier function and leads to an abnormal epidermal differentiation. The type and the position of the mutations may influence the ARCI phenotype; most patients present with a mild erythrodermic ichthyosis, and only few individuals show severe erythroderma. To date, 88 pathogenic mutations in ALOX12B and 27 pathogenic mutations in ALOXE3 have been reported in the literature. Here, we presented a large cohort of 224 genetically characterized ARCI patients who carried mutations in these genes. We added 74 novel mutations in ALOX12B and 25 novel mutations in ALOXE3. We investigated the spectrum of mutations in ALOX12B and ALOXE3 in our cohort and additionally in the published mutations, the distribution of these mutations within the gene and gene domains, and potential hotspots and recurrent mutations.

PMID: 33435499    PMCID: PMC7826849   DOI: 10.3390/genes12010080